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Mitt Romney- Not The Problem?

29 Sep

As we all know, Obama’s support has been soaring in the polls, while Mittens is left in the dust, begging for some support. But why? Wouldn’t a man who founded one of the countries most successful financial firms, and fluent in the language of economics, be popular among the Americans? There is no denying, when the election season first started, Mitt had a great reputation, and it seemed very likely his inauguration would be around the corner. Twitter had become lively, chattering about the new man on the field, Mittens. People were running.. sprinting to get a piece of this guy, to finally have a republican president again; although he still does have a decent “fan base”, His VP, Ryan dissolved many of his early supporters. Mitt was your “ordinary” conservative candidate, nothing to crazy coming from his side… and then BOOM their policies on rape, birth control, abortions etc blew up.

There has been some speculation saying maybe it’s not Romney, but the new Republican party. Many members of the Republican party have been quick to blame their new figure-head, yet if Romney would preach some sort of economic policy, the party would revolt against him, even our one and only Mittens knows there needs to be some tax raises and spending cuts. oh, but for the Republican party to be able to wrap their heads around tax increases? Yeah, right. As the months have been passing by, I’ve almost started to feel bad for Romney. He’s becoming like Bush, in a sense that, if something isn’t written for him, he sounds utterly ridiculous. Romney is definitely a smart man, he proved this during his run as governor. It’s almost like he’s stuck in between a rock and a hard place, trying not to outrage his supporters and party, and to manage the hate from the other side of the spectrum.

Romney has been tied into a knot, as he tries to campaign without straying from his party strictures. There is a new political correctness with the Republican party, which includes not uttering the word taxes, nor speculate about immigration policies.


Obama Care, Soon Coming to a State Near You!

29 Jun

Obamacare has been passed, and I can’t imagine something better for the population of America. Healthcare costs will virtually change to nothing. Of course, taxes will go up, but nothing astronomically high. Before I go any further, yes, Obama did promise not to tax the middle class anymore, and critics will challenge this greatly, BUT now people won’t have to pay thousands of dollars for a surgery! The prices of healthcare now range from¬†free to affordable. In the picture above, you see the huge differences in healthcare costs, between the United States, and other countries that do have universal healthcare. The prices would only sky-rocket in the future!

The amount of stress Obamacare¬†will take off the populace is great, especially the lower classes, who cannot afford the medication, surgeries and doctor visits they need. Instead of paying $500 dollars to give birth, It will now be something like $90 dollars. Instead of paying $1000 for a cast for your son, will now be something like $200 dollars. I’m from Canada, I know first hand how great universal healthcare is, it will only help things. Once people get over the initial shock of “taxes will be raised” they will realise how great it is.