The Misjudgement of Socialism

11 Nov

First off let’s start with a definition.

Socialism: An economic system characterised by social ownership of the means of production. Also a political philosophy advocating such a  system.

Let us take a deeper look at this, because socialism is a very broad term. In economics the original idea was to produce goods and services for their use-value. The goal of this system is for physical units to be produced for use, rather than profit. Which means goods are produced based on usefulness rather than the exchange-value (price). Now we have the political theory of socialism. There’s quite a few terms within this, Anarchism, Leninism, religious socialism, but I will focus on Libertarian Socialism. This term describes a non-bureaucratic society without a private business sector. This form of socialism is highly anti-capitalist. The goal of this theory is to distribute power among the people to promote equality and freedom.

Now that things have been cleared up, we can start on the issue of “Entitlements” and how it is assumed socialists believe they are “entitled” to everything. I believe in Political Socialism, while I am not partial to Economic Socialism. The reason being I know a country could not survive solely on socialism; the economy would more than likely fail. Having some sort of private business sector, regulated and free of greed, would keep the economy afloat without compromising socialist political values. I do not believe that socialism means handouts to those who don’t deserve it while others work for the benefit of them. Socialism is for the benefit of everyone. It is crucial to understand that socialism is not communism where everyone regulated within an inch of their lives; but higher taxes for a stronger social security net.

If the people who have been attacking me lately knew what I stood for, maybe they would realise how utterly idiotic they sound. People believe that I think I do not need to lift a finger, and that everything will be done for me… For us socialists. This is a ridiculous notion and highly untrue. I never believed I was entitled to food or money when my mother was not being paid well. I did not think I deserved to take other people’s food because I was starving. However I was very thankful for the food bank which fed my mom and myself while she got on her feet. I never came to close to thinking or saying “Hey, we live in someone elses basement and do not have a high income, so we should be entitled to welfare and free food.” Keep in mind, I was also just a kid. I highly doubt I even understood the term “government hand-outs” but I was smart enough to realize without the food bank and the kindness of the people we lived with, I would have never survived. The way things were when I was younger could quite possibly be the reason for my political beliefs now. Everyone deserves to have the basic needs met; food, water, and a bed to sleep on. I work for the things I own, I do not want handouts, because there is no better feeling than working for something that you really want, and achieving the goal. But the resources should still be there, because in reality, there are economic busts. We don’t live in a perfect world and people need help. I’ve received this help before, many people across the world are right now.

It’s been quite tiresome hearing the “insults” that involve the word entitled. If you want to attack my beliefs at least do it with facts and proof, if you want to attack me, think about yourself first. Think about what things you might have been through, think about things people you know and love have been through. Discussing ideas and opposing viewpoints is quite interesting, and a lot more productive than launching attacks.


2 Responses to “The Misjudgement of Socialism”

  1. A.I.Sanchez November 11, 2012 at 2:00 pm #

    I cannot help but gather from your post that the help you and your family received was not from the government but from charitable peoples. Your view that “everyone deserves to have the basic needs met” is admirable. The problem is how to meet this goal and I think you looked past a possible solution bc maybe you believe there is no way to sustain charity in hard times.
    I don’t believe that trying to rid the free-market of greed, no matter how moral this goal may be, nor levying higher taxes on corporations, the wealthy, or the working class would actually result in the alleviation or even the mitigation of suffering people. On the contrary, it’s easier to foresee a good intention, like raising taxes in hopes to lessen suffering, actually hurting the same people who would benefit the most by less regulation.
    We live in a privileged nation bc for so long the free market was able to thrive and produce new and exciting technology which gave others less fortunate the possibility of getting out of poverty. Which is why still, less than 10% of those born into poverty today end up staying there.
    Taking away the profit motive automatically discourages those of us who are capable of Creating and producing new services which in turn results in less economic opportunities for those who would work these jobs.
    I’m not saying that there should be no taxes and no safety nets. What I’m saying is that socialism, while attractive on paper, never holds up to the promises made whenever socialism, to any degree, is tried.
    Safety nets are essential and what kind of nation would we be if we didn’t look out for those less fortunate? Certainly not one I’d be proud of, but I think safety nets should always begin with what’s closest to the problem: family, churches, food banks, city, county, state and then, lastly, federal assistance. Aka Subsidiary
    Man cannot be coerced to believe that he as an individual is helpless in bringing help to others in need and thus must work as one unit with those around him who may not possess the same skill levels the he possesses. I believe socialism mistakenly believes men are all capable of the same outcomes which is far from true.
    How long will one man work his hardest when he knows others whom are not as capable as he is start to rely more and more upon him to deliver. This is human nature. Peace

    • gingybreads November 13, 2012 at 1:05 am #

      Awesome comment! Thanks for your very insightful opinion. I am currently taking other views into account and figuring out where my values do truly lie!

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