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An Inside Hacker

19 Oct

The RCMP has arrested a former IT employee for allegedly hacking the Quebec government website. It is believed that back in spring he tried to disable the government website during the height of the student protests. Janvier Doyon-Tremblay was working at the House of Commons and hacked into the system to give himself more privileges. Then proceeded to upload malicious programs to shut down the site.
Now you have got to be kidding me. This guy has now been charged with two counts of unauthorized use of computers and one count of mischief in relation to data under the criminal code. He had the privilege to work with the House of Commons and the RCMP; and totally let that go to waste. He chose to follow Anonymous, the group who spearheaded the Occupy movement. Would someone please explain how hacking and shutting down or defacing a website will change anything in the world? Their presence on the internet has done nothing but promote fear about our governments. Their presence in the real world? Masked people gathered in protests, which usually end in violence.
Alright now someone explain, why would a guy with a degree in information technology waste that? What company or organization will hire a man who has been charged with misuse of computers? I wouldn’t.


Scientology, What is it really?

11 Oct

Here is a little post I wrote few months ago!

Scientology teaches people that they are immortal beings who have forgotten their true nature… (sounds cool, right?)
To get you back on the path to your true nature, you go through counseling, known as auditing, in which the practitioners aim to re-experience painful or traumatic events from their PAST lives in order to move on and free themselves of the effects.
The core beliefs of Scientology is that each person is a ‘Thetan’ or a soul. To unlock your ‘true power’ one must go through auditing, which is very COSTLY. (Auditing removes the ‘negative’ influences and psychic barriers)

Only after large amounts of auditing, Scientologists are shown the esoteric origin MYTH involving an ALIEN OVERLORD and GENOCIDE.

Sure, that sounds cool… But is it?
The dangers of Scientology are great. Many former Scientologists and anti-Scientology activists have leaked many serious secrets by the organization.
Scientology violates the right to free speech.
Scientology is ‘legally recognized’ as a tax-EXEMPT religion in the U.S.A.
They violate HUMAN rights such as suspicious DEATHS, TORTURE, coerced ABORTIONS and human trafficking.
Illegal actions have been committed such as slander, libel, extortion, harassment and lawsuits (encouraged when directed toward those who challenge Scientology.)
They practice unsafe drug rehabilitation, and BOGUS educational organizations designed to infiltrate schools to recruit young people.

Spread the word and make people more aware!