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Religion and Politics

24 Jul

Probably one of the oldest debates known to man: Should religion and politics go hand in hand, or never be considered together?

Before I continue, I should point some things out. I am a christian, I believe in God. I’ve read the bible and I am a left-wing libertarian. I suppose this makes me biased. Maybe, maybe not.

Let’s start with the average day beliefs. A good relevant example of religion reigning over politics is the Gay Rights Movement. Many conservatives and republicans are known to be closely associated with faith and not support gay rights. This is because they think homosexuality is a sin, because that’s what the bible says. So, as politicians, they make the decision that everyone should be heterosexual, and anything else should be illegal. Basically, if you’re happy and different, stop it, because then you wouldn’t be a model cookie cutter citizen in the eyes of a republican. Modern day society is hardly the same as it was 50 years ago, where if you weren’t at church on sunday morning in your best, then you had to be sick at home. We are all surrounded by many different cultures and religions, immigration is bringing so much diversity into our westernized atmospheres.
Using religion to make decisions as a politician in modern-day society just does not work. Doing that is assuming everyone is ruled by said religion, when, a large amount of the population differs in beliefs.

When I’m thinking about politics, I push all thoughts of religion aside. We do not live in a theocracy, and we should not pretend like we do. As I mentioned, the diverse cultures we are surrounded by have different beliefs, and I would never, as a politician decide that what I believe is the only way. Everyone deserves happiness, I’m not going to be someone who denies such a basic right to humanity.
Often this belief gets many challenges. How could I be a Christian and support what is wrong and sinful? Everything comes down to morals, I happen to believe everyone should be happy, and that everyone deserves equal rights. Happiness isn’t a sin.

Isn’t it funny how those who preach homosexuality is a sin, are sinners themselves?
In this day, people are fueled by greed, they lie and cheat to get to where they wish to be. Are those not sins?
If you preach it, you better practice it.


Colorado Shooter- James Holmes. What Caused His Breakdown?

21 Jul

I’m sure by now, all of you have heard about the Colorado Shooting.

James Holmes, the man who shot, wounded and killed many people, had owned all of his guns and ammunition legally. Officers trying to enter Holmes apartment were perplexed by the amount of wires, trip wires, jars of liquid, and what looks like mortar rounds. I find it quite interesting, what would cause someone to do such a horrid thing, and rig his living space like that? He looks like such an average guy. James Holmes was a science scholar in college, he graduated with a neuroscience degree, but struggled with finding a job.
He ended up enrolling into A PhD program for neuro science, he was top in his class, and mainly focused on how humans behave. Quite interesting…
Teachers said he began to withdraw, and ended up dropping out. Maybe Holmes will confess his thoughts and explain why he had broken down and hurt so many. All the more curious that he studied human behaviour and neurological diseases. Possibly stress from bills? maybe his life was panning out exactly as he had hoped, not finding a career, not settled down yet, possibly.
Hopefully James Holmes will confess his thoughts to police, any explanation would be interesting to hear,
What causes a science scholar, top of his class, to break? Why a batman movie?
Could he have been trying to get a feeling of thrill? Holmes has never been in trouble with the law, not even a speeding ticket. If he wanted a thrill, why not go sky diving or rock climbing? Is it possible Holmes could have had a problem with the very thing he studied?
All we are left with is questions, that will soon hopefully be answered.